• Branding + Design
  • Launches of companies, brands and products
  • Rebranding
  • Brand strategy, Planning & Research
  • Marketing and Communications Plans
  • Competitive Brand Audits
  • Corporate Identity/Logo Design
  • Collateral
  • Stationary Packages
  • Naming & Positioning
  • Media Planning and Media Buying
  • Tradeshow and Environmental Design


  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • User Interface Design (UI)
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • E-commerce
  • Responsive Development
  • Mobile Integration
  • Social Media Marketing and Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Audits and Strategic Analysis
  • Web Development
  • Content Strategy and Development
  • Database Architecture and Construction
  • E-Mail Marketing


E-commerce Website for Toobs Bodyboards

E-commerce Website for Toobs Bodyboards

This e-commerce website was designed to market and sell Toobs products online. A mobile-first layout and design approach was implemented to capture more customers, enhance the user experience, and ultimately, to increase sales. Website features include a pci-compliant shopping cart, SSL, enhanced security measures, custom shipping options for international customers, accounting integration, and blog. Project includes website design and management, SEO, copywriting, product photography and brand management.

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Website for Ronald McDonald House of Children's Central Valley

Website for Ronald McDonald House
of Valley Children's Hospital

This website was designed to provide parents, volunteers, and potential donors information about Ronald McDonald House, including how to stay, how to get involved, and why donations are vital to the success of the organization. Features include a mobile-first layout and design approach built on the Wordpress platform, live social media feeds, events calendar, and newsletter integration with MailChimp. Project includes website design and management, copywriting, and photography.

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Product Sheets for Eurodrip USA

Product Sheets for Eurodrip USA

Product sheets were created for Eurodrip's most popular drip irrigation products. Each sheet details customer benefits and common product applications, as well as technical information required by irrigation system designers. A unique color scheme was created to differentiate each product and the same color scheme was later applied to other marketing materials. Each product sheet was created in multiple languages including English, Spanish, and Greek. Project includes brand management, product sheet design, photography, copywriting, translation, and print management.

Brochure for NVB Equipment

Brochure for NVB Equipment

No marketing plan or website in place meant NVB was losing out on potential customers. With a limited budget, NVB wanted to explore cost effective solutions to kickstart their marketing and provide their sales team with tools to engage customers and get the word out about the various products and services they offer. This trifold brochure was designed to cover these immediate marketing needs. Project includes brochure design, copywriting and print management.

Website for Churches of Historic Armenia

Website for Churches of Historic Armenia

This website was designed to share and preserve a collection of rare photographs from Historic Armenia Armenia. This beautiful collection of slides were donated to the Armenian Studies Department at Fresno State by Richard A. Elbrecht and Anne Elizabeth Elbrecht. Take a digital walk through Historic Armenia. Project includes website design and photo scanning.

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Poster for Toobs Bodyboards

Poster for Toobs Bodyboards

This poster was designed as a promotional piece for Toobs Bodyboards for East Coast team rider Colin Herlihy's new signature model. Each Herlihy board shipped from the factory comes with a poster. Additional posters were shipped to surf shops for autograph sessions. Project includes poster design, copywriting, and print management.

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Logo & Business Cards for Visqu

Logo & Business Card for Visqu

Visqu is a small startup with the goal of providing impoverished countries with clean water. A custom typeface was created to represent water flowing smoothly through pipes and out of a faucet. A mixture of teal and earth colors were implemented to give the brand a uinque look from their competitors where hues of blue are the dominant choice for branding. Project includes brand strategy and research, logo development with a unique typeface and business card design.

Identity System for Madera Count EDC

Identity System for Madera County EDC

Madera County Economic Development Commission (EDC) is dedicated to assisting new and established businesses grow and succeed. Often, Madera EDC is the first point of contact for outside companies looking to establish operations in the area. Through research for the project, "The Perfect Location" became a recurring theme as Madera County is located in heart of California. This idea became the focus of the logo design and the tagline was implemented throughout the identity system. Blue was chosen for its credibility, calming and professional qualities and a unique silver Pantone ink was added to represent the manufacturing and production industry that drive the local economy. Project includes logo, business card, letterhead, envelope, and folder design.

Website for CIS Security

Website for CIS Security

CIS Security provides on-site security services to a large number of customers across a wide variety of industries, including commercial, industrial, multi-family, retail, and schools. Following a change in upper management, a new marketing strategy was developed for CIS and a major priority was to build new website that reflects the high level of professionalism and service CIS provides its customers. Along with a new website design, new copy was written, customer reviews were gathered and photography sessions were set up with CIS employees at various customer locations. Project includes website design and management, photography, copywriting and brand strategy.

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Website for Hye Sharzhoom

Website for Hye Sharzhoom

Hye Sharzhoom is an Armenian Newspaper put together by students and staff at the Armenian Studies Department at Fresno State University. Published since 1979, the newspaper reports on news, events and interest pieces from the Armenian community. Ready to move online, they wanted a newspaper-style website to manage all of their content from the past through the present. This Wordpress website was designed to cover these needs. Website features include slideshows, archives library for downloading the print edition, automated photo galleries and more. Project includes website design and management.

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Newspaper Inesrt for Madera Redevelopment Agency

Newspaper Insert for Madera Redevelopment Agency

Each year the Madera Redevelopment Agency (RDA) selects a neighborhood to be a part of the Neighborhood Revitalization Program. Word is spread and volunteers from the local community turn up in force to help paint houses, plant new grass and trees, remove trash, and clean up the streets. This project brings the community together for a great cause and offers a way for everyone to give something back. To showcase the results and recognize the efforts of everyone involved, a multipage newspaper insert was created. Knowing the project would be an annual event, consideration was taken to design a layout and masthead that could be used every year to cut future production costs. Project includes design of a multipage newspaper insert, masthead design, and photography.


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